Nakamura Koen

Since I bought my bike, I’ve been able to go to so many more places. It cuts travel time down considerably and motivates my lazy self to exercise a bit. One day, I decided that I would pick a direction, and bike straight for about fourty five minutes. I didn’t go straight. I didnt bike […]


Yesterday I went out with a friend from work. We checked out a few shops in our area, then went to our favorite sushi place for lunch. I bought a new cover for my futon, made of fleese, that is supposed to trap in the heat. I tried it and it almost works too well.


The days have been getting much shorter recently. While it is nice not having to deal with a 4:30 am sunrise, there’s something a little depressing about a 5:00 sunset.

Kitkat Otoshidama

The post office just released these special edition kit kats today. They’re available for a limited time for ¥140 and contain 3 candies. I wad mailing a letter when I saw them on the counter, so I bought one of each design to give out during New Years. I heard they sell out fast, so […]

Something Different

Today I’m stationed at a super busy adults only school, instead of at the Main Office. We received a request for personal Thursday afternoon and Manager asked if I would be willing to take it. You see, it’s not in a teaching capacity, but as office staff. I’m making copies, sorting documents, answering phone calls, […]


The leaves are starting to change. It’s slow going for now, but I’m expecting an explosion of color soon. When that happens, I plan to take a trip West, to Kyoto. I’m told that it’s one of the best places to see the fall foliage.