This morning, a train broke down on the track ahead of us, so we were rerouted to another station. That caused our normally local train to skip several stops, including the one near my office. However, this route took us under the currently-in-construction Tappan Zee bridge, which was insanely cool! We were dropped off at […]

Expanding like Cabbage

I decided to do something different tonight, instead of just heading home straight after work. I’ve been thinking a lot about why I’ve been feeling a little down lately, and I came to the conclusion that one of the reasons is that I don’t do much outside of work, go home, and do something minor […]

Falling Down

I’ve been really busy at work this week. From what I’ve heard through the grapevine, there have been a lot of issues with what is being entered by us in HQ and what is showing up in the stores. Because of this, our team has been combing through everything entered in the past three months, […]

Before they All Fall

It gets dark so early now. Last weekend, we set the clocks back, so the sun sets around 5 pm. As we get closer to the end of December, the days will continue to grow shorter, and the temperature colder. Soon enough, the trees will be bare, or worse: covered in snow!

A Fun Weekend

Friday afternoon, I got out of work a little bit early, and went for a hike with my Auntie. She picked me up from work and drove us to a farm on the outskirts of Sleepy Hallow. We walked for about 2 hours (until well after the sun went down) before heading home for the […]

The Blessed Weekend

Words cannot express how happy I am that the week is over. It’s Friday and I have 2 blissful days off to do with what I will. I think I might start my Christmas shopping. Or maybe I should visit the farmers market before they close for the winter? Visiting a cafe, with my laptop, […]

Such a sleepy morning…

I don’t know why I’ve been so tired lately! With the exception of Sunday nigt, I’ve been going to sleep at a reasonable time. I haven’t been doing anything too strenuous either. Well, it’s almost the weekend…

In Full Color

It was warm enough for me to take a walk during lunch today. For the entirety of last week, I’ve been stuck indoors due to the weather and ungodly amounts of work to do. This week is shaping up to be the same, but it’s still nice to have at least one day outside.

The Little Things

Things have been so busy at work that I’ve been trying to put aside some time each day to go for a walk or relax next to the river. This may be before work, during lunch, or after I get out. Regardless of what part of the day I take my ten-to-twenty, I make sure […]

Colorful Autumn

All of a sudden, the leaves have gone from green to multicolored, seemly in the blink of an eye. All sorts of colors are on display this fall, contrary to my former predictions. For that I am glad.