Today is a friend’s birthday. It’s been a long time since I last seen her (she returned to Japan in 2010), but I still think of her whenever this time of the year rolls around. For the past few years, I have seen her grow from a shy high school student to a confident young […]

I feel confused

Today is the first day in a very long time where I haven’t needed to be somewhere by sometime for some reason. I’m honestly out of sorts because of it. I don’t need to go to work today. I’m used to working seven days a week. I don’t need to go to an event of […]

Rest Ye Well Merry

“Merry Christmas” in advance to those who celebrate and “I hope you have a good couple of days” to those who don’t. May this time be filled with good food, a warm (for those in the North, like me) or cool (if you’re South) house, and happiness in whatever you do. I’m going to enjoy […]

Colorful Lights

2014 has been a good year for Christmas lights. It feels like people are a lot more willing to be festive this year, though maybe I’m just noticing them more than usual? After many years in retail, where I began to absolutely loath the holiday, I’m starting to get my holiday cheer back. Either that, […]

One more week

Only one more week until Christmas Eve! My shopping’s done and everything is wrapped. The tree is up and presents are (along with the cat) sitting under decorated branches. Mom’s bought food and snacks for everyone. I think we’re all set.

A Touch of Warmth

It’s been really, really cold recently. According to the calendar, it’s not yet winter, but it’s hard to tell when stepping out of the house each morning. Also, it’s really hard to get out from under my fleece blanket, dressed, and out the door. The one saving grace is my favorite scarf: a pink knit […]

My type of holiday swag

My family has always celebrated a mix of Catholic and Jewish traditions. My mom was raised Catholic, as was her mother before her, but my great grandmother (and her siblings) held tightly to their Jewish upbringings. So, growing up, I celebrated Hanukkah and Christmas in the winter, and Passover and Easter in the spring. When […]


Been going crazy with the amounts of homework I’ve been getting lately. It’s been essay after essay, presentations lasting 30 minutes, and a group project that really hasn’t been working out too well. Also, I’ve just written and submitted my very first case study, which was based on technology and adult education. When not doing […]

Crafting with Ren

I’ve been doing a bit of crafting lately, in preparation for the holidays. This year’s theme is up-cycling. This is mostly due to my being a poor college student. But I have to admit that it’s been pretty fun. Also, Brother has been amazed by my “skills” whenever I text him a picture of my […]

My Fuzzy Little Friend

Meet Patrick, a Wooly Bear Caterpillar, who lives in the walking trails of Bronxville, New York. His hobbies are eating and… well, mostly eating, really. He’s super soft and very friendly, as he allowed me to pick him up with no issues and refused to be put back down afterwards. He seems to like being […]