One day, I’ll be up there, looking down and watching as everything I’ve known gets smaller and smaller. A new life will begin and I will probably be pretty nervous. I’ll be leaving everything behind. My life will be stuffed into two suitcases and a carry-on. My link back home will be my phone. Even […]

A Small Perspective

I always wondered what it would be like to be really, really small. Tiny. How big things must seem! I remember when I was small, I used to think the top of my mother’s head would constantly scrape the ceiling. While it is true that my mom is on the tall side for a woman […]


Everyone keeps saying that autumn is sort of depressing, if not for all the beautifully colored leaves, but I think them wrong. There are plenty and beautiful things. Dried flowers for example. These Hydrangea should look familiar from this earlier post. What do you think?

Meet Bumfoot

This is Bumfoot, a pigeon who lives at the train station. He is incredibly friendly and has a habit of showing people his foot. Hence the name, Bumfoot. ((If you can’t tell, I’m terrible at naming things…)) I’m not sure what happened exactly but at some point, he broke his toes and they healed into […]

Dipped in Gold

Remember how I said I was worried about the trees not changing colors this year? Yeah, well, I got my colorful trees… and the cold weather needed for it… ((never happy, am I?)) Waking home, I came across this tree. It’s the only golden one in my area so far. There’s one or two red […]

Experimental Salad

I made a couple of small salads with dinner last night. They were just some vegitables that were in my fridge at the time, but somehow they plated well enough so I thought I would take a picture. The problem though is my apartment is very dark and not particularly good for photography. But then […]