Tis the Season

So, it’s almost Christmas. This year it seems nothing big’s going to happen at our house. In a few days my friends will come and we will exchange presents, but ma and I aren’t doing anything big. We’ll exchange gifts (1 gift each on Christmas Eve, the rest X’mas day), eat, and probably watch some […]


I’m not the best singer in the world, but I can carry a basic tune, provided I’ve heard it enough times. Been hearing the same Chrismas carols over and over at work, and between just us, I do sing them when no one’s around.


It may be fake (we have a cat and poinsettia’s are poison) but it still looks pretty when put on the tree. We use them to fill in some of the naked bits. It’s a nice contrast against the green of the tree and the gold of the ornaments.

Let it snow?

Snow is so pretty but such a mess for weeks after. This is White Plains, near the train station, looking towards the county center. There’s normally a lot of greenery here so there’s a lot of places for snow to catch on.