257 of 365

So comes the fall weather… Today was the first day my area fell into the below 65 degree mark since spring. When I got out of work around 6 (stayed late  to help out) it was raining lightly and windy. It wouldn’t have been so bad if there was no wind, but considering that White […]

254 of 365 (Back-post)

So busy, so very busy. 9 through almost 6 at one job then 6 to 8 at the next. Didn’t get home until almost 9, fell asleep soon after. Apologies for lack of update. Photo: area near train station, taken from back seat of taxi on way between jobs.

252 of 365

I should apologise for my prolonged absence the last few days, as I was down with food poisoning and in really no shape to do anything but try to sleep it off. Today, however, I was in high spirits due to today being my 25th birthday. I received a lot of kindness today, for which […]

248 of 365

It’s such a rainy day today. Very cool, very wet, very dreary. A perfect day to go to the dentist and get some work done. Had to fill a cavity in, which involved getting a shot of novocaine into the crook of my jaw. Fun. So, now I can’t open my mouth more than a […]

247 of 365

Time goes by so fast these days, it seems. I remember, as a kid, I used to complain so much that time never moved fast enough. My mom would often– and still does– warn me that once you reached a certain age it would fly by and that I would want those slow moving days […]

246 of 365

Today had such a lazy feeling to it. Hardly any customers came into my job today and those that did just were browsing– scurrying away as soon as you said “hello.”  My co-workers are blaming the Labor Day weekend, and I could why. I c an only wonder if tomorrow will be the same. As […]

245 of 365

It was rather quiet in White Plains today, despite it being a Saturday. On my way to work around 11am, I  noticed the amount of cars and people on the streets seemed to be half of what it normally is. It felt more like a Tuesday both out there and also at work. This photo […]

244 of 365

Today I had an unexpected day off so mom and I went into the city to check out the Harry Potter exhibition over on W. 44th and to sell some things to the Book Off on W. 45th (which used to be on E. 41st). For those familiar with the city, you know that the […]

243 of 365

    I ended up leaving my workplace a lot later than I hoped to, which is odd considering I was allowed to leave early today. After visiting the supermarket to pick up some rice porridge (which tastes great with sugar and maple syrup by the way) and an anko dessert from hokkaido, and then swinging […]

242 of 365

 Today, I thought to go in a different direction than my usual work and instead focus on the sky. This afternoon, the sky was truly a beautiful blue and filled with these thin, soft looking clouds. Whenever I see these kinds of clouds, I think “bathwater clouds,” so named because of their resembalance to the […]

241 of 365

With the amount of sun today, the plant life was absolutely glowing! White Plains is known as the city of parks, so it’s only natural that the city be home to massive mounts of greenery and flowers. This first photo was taken in a small park near where I work. It’s a great place to […]