There is a small park in Southern Yono. In that park, there are some benches. Above the benches, there is an overhang made of metal, leaves and branches. Attached to those leaves are twisting, turning, climbing trees. Next to those trees, there are stone pillars. Standing against those pillars is a figure. That figure is […]

Wandering Around Saitama

Since my current lodgings are in Saitama, I thought it would be a waste to not look around. I rode the Saikyo line to Yono, which took a few minutes. Then I went for a walk. The weather was warm but windy. The skies were a wonderful shade of blue with fluffy white clouds. A […]

Akihabara at Night

I decided to explore a bit of Akihabara last night, for a lack of anything else to do. I popped into a few archades, walked through the streets, and looked though a couple of stores. It was really crowded and there were a ton of people trying to drum up business for various cafes and […]

A Room with a View

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Work has been obscenity busy and I’m still trying to get used to life in Tokyo. Although my school is in Tokyo, I’m staying in Saitama. That means I have a hell of a commute each day. Here are a few pictures of things you can see around […]

More Tokyo

I was thinking about visiting Tokyo over the weekend to go to a convention, since an actor I came to Japan. But in the end I decided it would be too expensive, too hot, and way to crowded for my tastes. As I get older I find myself getting worse and worse whe it comes […]

Sleeping Doggo

On our way to the Skytree, we came across an interesting reststop. At the corner of two rows of building, someone converted the tiny triangle of space into a vending machine corner, with a bin for garbage, a mirror for freshing up at, and a windowed alchove for their dog. The drinks were all very […]

A Return to Cafe Calico

A trip to Tokyo is incomplete without a stop at Cafe Calico in Shinjuku. The cafe is a short ten minute walk from Shinjuku’s East exit. The fee is cheaper than most pet cafes and the staff there (both human and feline) are really friendly. Some of the staff also speak basic English if that’s […]

The Edo Museum

During the afternoon, we decided to visit the Edo Museum. Edo is the old name for Tokyo. As a history museum, there are exhibits about the Edo period, when the upper-class would make frequent trips between what’s now Kyoto and Tokyo. There are displays about daily life, work, and play. Some exhibits are life sized […]