This blog is an exercise in photography. Follow me as I wander this world.

You can call me Ren and I’m from New York. I currently live and work in Japan. My hobbies are reading, photography, and listening to music. I majored in Multimedia in college, with my favorite aspect being game design.

For me photography started as a way to get reference and stock photos for free, since at the time my skills in drawing backgrounds were very poor.

I like tea.

I dislike large crowds of people, especially large crowds of rude people. I am often found at my favorite places: the local bookstore, my favorite internet cafe, work, and around home. I don’t think I could survive without internet.

As you can probably guess from viewing this blog, my favorite subjects are buildings, flowers, and the sky. I really need to learn how to shoot people (in the photogenic sense, mind you).

All photographs that appear on this blog were taken by me and are not intended as stock. I have no objections if you would like to repost or link to any of my work, but I do ask that no one claims them as their own. If you would like to use my photos as REFERENCE, that’s also fine.

Lastly, any and all comments, views, likes, follows, and reposts are very much appreciated.

3 replies to “About

    1. Some times I wonder. Rude people seem to be attracted to other rude people, and before long you have a mob of the walking not-so-courteous.

      Thanks for stopping by!!

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