Retro Photography

Here in Japan, there is something called a Lucky Bag, which is sold around New Year’s. The draw of such bags is two fold. First there is the perceived value of getting a bag full of items worth more than the retail price. Second is the mystery aspect of what will be in the (often sealed) bag– although in recent years stores have been becoming much more transparent.

This year, I droped $50 on an instant Polaroid-type camera set. The set came with a camera (in either pink or yellow), a carry case, and a packet of film. I purchased a few extra packets on the side.

It’s nostalgic for me since I remember a time before even disposable or one-time-use cameras. Looking through the tiny viewfinder, which has a little circle to denote where to aim, brings back memories of borrowing my mom’s camera in middle school and walking into the woods with my uncles to take not-so-great photos.

The set included the rainbow border film, but I couldn’t resist the monochrome and classic white either.

After dinner, I figured I would try experimenting with said camera. I choose one of the plants in my indoor garden, to mixed results. On one hand, it doesn’t exactly match what I saw in the view finder and the plant is blurry as all get out. But on the other, the textured window came out real nice. I’m thinking pictures taken in well lit areas should be better and plan to hold the camera steady for a few seconds after shooting to see if that improves image quality. If nothing else, it should prove an interesting experiment.

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