2020 Japan 2016~Current Photo Journal Tokai (東海)

Furukawa Art Museum

Today, on a whim, I visited the Furukawa Art Museum. I had been running errands at Nagoya Station when I caught sight of a flyer similar to the one above. Being a cat person, I googled the exibit, before deciding to go. It wasn’t too troublesome to find, though I did almost go the weong way, since I am not at all familiar with the area around Ikeshita station.

The current exibit is dedicated to animals and although the building itself isn’t overly large, there was plenty to look at. The real draw to the museum is that for the price of ¥1000, you get access to two interesting sites: the art museum and the annex.

At the annex, there was a different exibit of antique items. If this is something that interests you and you are in the Nagoya area, it’s only a few minutes walk from Ikeshita station on the Higashiyama line. However, please be aware that like most tourist or cultural places here, it’s closed on Mondays. Here is the site (Japanese)

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