Hanami at Home

Due to Coronavirus, many public events are on indefinite hiatus, including hanami. Hanami is a spring tradition of eating, drinking, and socializing under the cherry trees. It usually involves being packed into confined spaces with strangers and friends alike, so it’s a total no go these days.

That said, my local supermarket came up with a solution in the form of selling cherry blossom branches for ¥300 a pop. The idea is that you can view the blossom inside your own home with your family. Since it wasn’t so expensive and figuring why the hell not, I bought one– much to the confusion of many of the other shoppers.

However it seems that I missed the peak bloom for this particular branch as the few blossoms fell off rather quickly. But I’m not too upset as it’s still a nice pop of colour in my apartment. Plus it smells nice. ¥300 well spent.

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