Giri Choco Attack

The finished product.

So, it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, so that means that I should give chocolate to my coworkers. This is known as girichoco or obligation chocolate here in Japan.

Cute cat themed chocolate tins decorated with cats and shaped like cats.

So, I went to the shop and bought supplies last weekend. I bought 40 mini tins, 6 bars of milk chocolate, and a few odds and ends for packaging.

Filling up the molds using a spoon took forever.

I microwaved the broken up chocolate in batches and used a spoon and silicone spatula to get it into the tins. Then I shook them a bit to get everything even, before chilling them.

I’ll be handing them out tomorrow. I’ll be in the head office, so 3 departments will be bombed with chocolate.

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