So, I woke up early to visit a hedgehog cafe. Being golden week, many places have lines down the block even before opening time. In response to this, I made an online reservation the day before.

When I got there, as expected, there was a major line. Thankfully, a staff member was checking for reservations, so all I had to do was show my confirmation email and I was let in.

I reserved an hour, which included a free drink and a jar of meal worms to feed my new friend. I got a hedgehog, named Zack, all to myself. He was super skitish (except when it came to food— he tried to pull the worm and tweezers used to hold it out of my hand).

For the most part, he stayed in the box on my lap, though he seemed mildly interested in my t-shirt at times. When I did pick him up, he’d roll aound in my hands and try to escape up my arms.

Eventually it was time to go, so back into his enclosure he went. Afterwards, it was time for some shopping.

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