Tsurumai Park Cherry Blossoms

A student recommended that I visit Tsurumai Park last weekend to see the cherry trees. 

Tsurumai Park is a popular place to go flower viewing, so it can get pretty crowded. Since my days off are usually Sunday and Monday, I thought it migh be better to go on a weekday.

It was still very crowded.

Most of the spaces under the cherry trees were already taken by the time I got there, so I walked around the park. I enjoyed a bottle of ramune soda and had a look at the stalls, but they didn’t really have anything I wanted. After about thirty minutes, I jumped back on the train to Nagoya.

I expect the trees to be flowering for another week or so, so now’s your chance for flower viewing if you’re chubu.

4 replies to “Tsurumai Park Cherry Blossoms

  1. Tsurumai Park is great but if you want to see beautiful Sakura view, I recommend you to walk along Yamazaki River. There hardly is any food stall but that is why it is so much quieter and all the people gather there are simply seeking wonderful sight. One thing I cannot tell you by being in London is that whether they are still blossoming at the moment. I heard Sakura came very early this spring and hope it is not too late for you. 🙂

    1. Thanks! That definitely sounds like a place I’d enjoy. I’ve heard that a few places have lost their blossoms, but I like green trees too. I’ll try to visit soon.

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