Handmade Bowl

Friday was a holiday, so I went to the mall with a friend. There was a small grouping of tabled set up where you could try to make your own pottery. 
The fee was ¥1200 for one piece, with an additional ¥700 fee if you wanted it shipped to your house after it was fired in the kiln. 

There were a few items you could learn how to make: two types of plates, two types of bowls, a mug, or an animal. I made a pie plate.

We got to hand sculpt our pieces under the instruction of a professional. We were taught how to work the clay on the wheel, how to make 3D adornments, and how to do etching cleanly. Then, we were asked what color glaze we wanted. I choose blue.

The piece need to finish its procrssing at the shop so I’ll have to wait until the new year to get it. I chose to have it sent to my home since the factory is a bit far out of the way.

7 replies to “Handmade Bowl

  1. Oh, nice! Can’t wait to see it when it’s finished!
    I made my own cup some years ago too, in Japan. Somehow my friend’s host family only received it years later… Luckily she managed to give me my cup and it’s my favourite cup ever since. I’m using it every day here in Belgium. ^_^
    Nothing better than being able to use something you actually made with your own hands! 😀

    1. Wow, I hope my bowl comed in a reasonable amount of time. It’s great that you could get it eventually and that you still use it. Can I ask what it looks like?

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