Firework Fridays 2017.05

Once we got settled in our spot we realized we still had two hours before the show would begin. So we tried entertaining ourselves, but no dice. So, one of the girls there who workd in the same office that I used to–though in a different department, and I went in search of snacks. 

Nearby, there was a supermarket. We expected it would be a bit busy, since we couldn’t be the only ones who thought of going there, but nothing could have prepared us for the lines that greeted us once we finally got inside.

We ended up waiting on line for a half an hour for some bottles of tea, three bags of chips, a pack of fried wings, and some paper cups. Once we finished, we booked it back to the others, finding that other groups had taken over any available space. We had to carefully navigate our way between families and groups of coworkers.

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