Adulting, Step 1 Complete!

Until now, Ive been living in apartments rented by the company. Today, I signed a lease for a Leopalace apartment under my name. I guess it’s my first real apartment.

Next, I need to contact the utility companies to move my accounts back over to Nagoya. I also have to get the moving paperwork in order, call the movers, get my new key (Leopalace did me a real solid and replaced the locks for free), and find a new job. Oh, and buy furnature. Not necessarily in that order.

The next couple of months are going to be interesting for many reasons. Among them are two farewell parties (more like leaving the company parties), one of which will be in Kyoto.

I just hope I can find a decent job somewhat quickly. I know my visa is still good for another 1.75 years, but I’ve heard that status can be changed due to unemployment. That is something I would rather not deal with.

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