Tulip Week 03

I would love to have a garden filled with white tulips. It’s one of the flowers I’m not allergic to. If I ever get a house, with a yard, these are going to be one of the first things I plant.

Tulip Week 01

During my last visit to Osaka, there was a flower festival near where I was to catch my bus home. For 1000 yen, I could see tons of flowers, buy plants, and visit a cute little cafe.

Goodbye Anjo

Today is my last day at Anjo. In some ways it’s a good thing, but in many more it’s a bad one. It’s the last time my group of friends will be in one sport for a while. April is the time for change here in Japan. Rchan is being transferred. KT is leaving the […]

Spring is Here

So, Monday was the spring equinox, which means that spring is here. Finally. This winter felt pretty long, even though it wasn’t all that bad compared with New York. I’m just happy for the warmer weather and increase in flowers.

The Lone Blossom

In New York, Spring is usually a pretty short affair. The best weather normally arrives in May. March is known for being windy, while April is known for its rain. May and June have the best warm weather, though the end of June can be pretty hot.