Red Hot Mamachari


After a lot of talking with my coworkers, I broke down and bought a bike. Since my job covers my travel expenses to and from work, I never really thought I NEEDED one. That, combined with the insanely hot weather, kept me from even thinking about it too seriously.

However, a coworker suggested a place where I could buy one cheaply and they would take care of the paperwork for me. You see, here in Japan, you have to register a bike the same as you would a car. If you are stopped on the road and can not prove that you are the legal owner of that bike, you can be arrested and slapped with a fine.

So, now I am the somewhat-proud owner of an apple red mamachari. What is a mamachari, you ask? It’s the nickname for the type of bike I bought, which is clunky as hell, has plenty of storage for groceries and the like, has no gears, and a kick stand that keeps the bike upright while parked. Did I mention that the thing weighs almost as much as me?


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