Of Dolphins


So, after almost 30 years of existence, I have finally been to an aquarium. A lot of my students have been badgering me to check out the local one, here by Nagoya Port. Equipped only with a day off, two thousand yen, and a comfy pair of walking shoes, I made the journey to what I was told would be a good time.

They were right.


After taking the Sakuradori (pink) line to the Meio (light purple) line, I walked about fifteen minutes to the aquarium. The weather was pretty good, especially since I was next to the water.

The entrance fee is two thousand yen for an adult, which seems more like the prices I’m used to back home. I am constantly amazed by how cheap museums and the like are here. Most places are only like $5 to $7 to get in, which is ridiculously cheap compared to New York.



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