Ikebukuro Cat Cafe


I’m well into my second day of my Obon holiday. Late Saturday night, after work, I boarded a night bus to Tokyo to visit some friends. I will post more about that later, but at the moment I am enjoying a frosty beverage at a Cat Cafe in East Ikebukuro.

I saw an ad for this place years ago, when I came to this city four years ago. At the time, I was unable to visit, as I couldn’t find the place. The same was almost the case this time, except I have Google Maps to guide me. That and two ikemen, who were even more obsessed with cats than I am.

When I arrived, I decided to the promotion listed on their website, where I pay about $25 for 3 hours of playing with the kitties and free drinks. It’s a sweltering 35 degrees out (which is cool when compared with Nagoya’s above 40 degree weather) so being inside with the AC blasting and free WiFi is a good place to be.

Being here has also allowed me to meet some interesting people, who love cats. Besides the two ikemen (stylish pretty boys), I met a lovely couple from Dubai who are touring Japan, two middle school aged brothers who like photographing cats, and a few lovely ladies who work as the staff here. They had a lot of facinating tips and stories about handing kitties.

In a few minutes, it will be time for me to pay and head back to the station. From there I will return to Shinjuku to grab my luggage and board another overnight bus home. I should arrive in Nagoya around 6 am tomorrow.

Since I have time now, expect more updates on my travels.


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