One of those Days

2016-04-29 13.50.13

So, at work today, I am working on what should be a very simple project. My task is cloning files and updating the new copies. Then, I’m supposed to move on to the next one.

That isn’t how it’s been working though. I cloned the files just fine, but this morning we found that there was extra data in them that needed to be taken out. Now, to do this, I’m supposed to add an end date to that data. However, these files were created incorrectly, so when I edit data in the clone, it affects the original file. That’s really bad.

So we had a meeting and figured out away around this problem. So, I started implimenting it.

Then I noticed another issue: everything I fix in the original file now affects the new item by creating new corrupt data. It’s a circle jerky of almost epic proportions. I’m currently eating my Kix cereal, waiting for my boss to get back to me on what to do next.

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