Mornings Really aren’t my Thing

2015-12-13 10.10.58

So, I meant to wake up a but earlier this morning to meet some friends down in the city. Before going to bed, I chose and laid out my clothes, packed my bag with everything I thought I could need, charged my phone, set two alarms, and packed some pears into a little plastic bag for a quick breakfast. I shut my eyes thinking “no problem”.

I still managed to oversleep.

I awoke wondering why I wasn’t hearing the annoying melody I’m so used to. I should have been up around 8, but the clock read 8:40. My train left at 9:30. I scrambled to get ready. I was out the door around 9:10.

The station is only about 5 minutes away, but I got side tracked in the stairwell  (forget about the elevator in my building, it’s slower than molasses) and again in the lobby. I rushed out the doors hoping I could make my train.

I watched it pull away as I stood on the crest of the hill, connecting Yonkers to the Bronx. I asked myself, “What now?”

There are two other ways to get to where I need to be in the city. I can chance the 2 train to East 180th, connect to the 5, take it to Grand Central, then walk. However, there’s always a lot of work being done on those two trains on the weekends. Sometimes the 2 turns express or terminates mid-Bronx, leaving passengers to transfer to a shuttle bus running through a truly unsavory part of New York.

The other way is to hope the BX16 bus is running and take that to the 4 train. The ride is shorter, but the walk to the bus is about 20 minutes and the bus ride another 20. I would also have to wait for the next bus, as buses have cap schedules on Sundays.

I chose to catch the 4.

As of the time I am writing this, I am on the L (shirt for elevated) portion of the 4 route. I called my friends to tell them I would probably not make our appointment.

I still have a little over an hour until I make it into the city.



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