Lights on the Horizon


Today was a long day filled with complicated problem solving. For the life of everyone in my department, we couldn’t figure out why an important document refused to print correctly. We noticed that some of the numbers were displaying multiple times and some of the labels were nothing like what was being input, but we still can’t get the finalienable product to be 100% up to snuff. I poured over it all day and the closest I can figure is that another project we worked on two weeks ago messed this set of data up somehow.

By the time 5 pm was rolling around, I was near desperate to escape. I was looking for excuses to leave my desk and get out of dodge. I had at least two or three trips to the restroom or to the kitchen for more tea. I probably have severely weakened the structural integrity of my wheely chair. I checked Google more times than I probably should have.

I needed to get away from that spreadsheet, that horrible, awful spreadsheet of despair and no small amount of self-loathing.

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