Lately, I’ve had a little more time at work to think. I’ve been instructed to work on cleaning up the databases and reorganizing the data in preparation of the soon-to-come holiday rush. Names need to be changed into the newly accepted format, associations between products need to be created and populated, and spreadsheets need to be consulted to revise/input relevant information. There is so much that has been let go over the months, that I find myself at a bit of a loss about where I should start.

The practices for doing these things, at first, were absolutely frightening. However, as I get used to going through the convoluted processes– there are more than five overly-complicated steps just to link two items– I find my mind wondering to my interactions with others.

Or lack there of…

I am not a social person by nature. I never have been. I go to work, to work. People close to me say that I can get bit… focused at times. To me, efficiency is everything when it comes to doing a task. I take my work seriously– too seriously sometimes– and it is a point of pride with me that I can get things done where others might struggle. While it has impressed my bosses, my attitude also has been a point of contention with a co-worker or two in the past.

But that isn’t to say all my experiences with my co-workers have been bad.

I have a co-worker, two in fact, that has tried to get me out of my shell. One has been a little more successful than the other. Both are very extroverted people. They make me uncomfortable at times, with how outgoing they are, though I know they mean no harm. I just have a hard time getting used to (and trusting) people like that. It’s taken me some time to warm up to the idea.

I know it’s just going to get worse too. As the year draws to an end, and the holidays start to pop up, management has been trying more and more to work in group activities into the daily routine. My direct boss is happy to leave me be, so long as I manage to pump out the same amounts of work everyday, but those two co-workers I mentioned think otherwise.

Being an introvert is like having only a half-charged social battery, where every interaction uses up a portion of that energy. By the end of the day, you’re running on fumes, and the only way to recharge is with some alone time doing whatever it is you like to do. Some days it might be Netflix, and some days it might be sitting on a bench staring at the river. Other days it might be a cup of tea and soothing jazz. Whatever it is, it’s usually away from other people, though animals are excluded in this rule.

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