Little Spots of Color


Mom and I celebrated Labor Day by going out to eat yesterday. We had intended to have some sushi, but our usual spot was closed due to a lack of patrons. Instead we split some wings and salad at the nearby Whole Foods.

On the way back, we came across a lovely flower arrangement on an island between two busy streets. That got us to talking about the weather and the approach of autumn.

Labor day is considered to be “the last day of summer” here in the US. In the past, it indicated what clothes/shoes to wear, heralded the start of school, and was known as the weekend of sales of summer goods/clothing. It also signals the start of fall sports like Football.

For me it just means a day off from work. This is the first year in a long time that I’m not working retail, so it’s a nice change. It’s a little ironic that a day to celebrate laborers is usually spent by many working longer and harder hours.

Regardless, it was fun spending time with mom. I had a good labor day this year and that’s all I care about.


Also, if anyone knows what these little flowers are called, can you let me know?


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