2015 Photo Journal

Vestages of Summer

2015-09-28 23.53.43

It’s almost October already. Again I ask, where is the time going? Before we know it, the year will be over!

Soon enough we’ll be complaining about the snow and the cold, anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring, however, that isn’t to say that summer is over just yet. The calendar may saw that we’re now in autumn, and it might get dark earlier than we might like, but I’m still swing some colors other than red and gold around.

Just today I saw some lovely flowers in a planter near my job. I know that technically they were put there and tended to by people, so they might not count, as they live to the somewhat different beat as the rest of nature, but it was a welcome sight none the less.

2015 Photo Journal



Lately, I’ve had a little more time at work to think. I’ve been instructed to work on cleaning up the databases and reorganizing the data in preparation of the soon-to-come holiday rush. Names need to be changed into the newly accepted format, associations between products need to be created and populated, and spreadsheets need to be consulted to revise/input relevant information. There is so much that has been let go over the months, that I find myself at a bit of a loss about where I should start.

The practices for doing these things, at first, were absolutely frightening. However, as I get used to going through the convoluted processes– there are more than five overly-complicated steps just to link two items– I find my mind wondering to my interactions with others.

Or lack there of…

I am not a social person by nature. I never have been. I go to work, to work. People close to me say that I can get bit… focused at times. To me, efficiency is everything when it comes to doing a task. I take my work seriously– too seriously sometimes– and it is a point of pride with me that I can get things done where others might struggle. While it has impressed my bosses, my attitude also has been a point of contention with a co-worker or two in the past.

But that isn’t to say all my experiences with my co-workers have been bad.

I have a co-worker, two in fact, that has tried to get me out of my shell. One has been a little more successful than the other. Both are very extroverted people. They make me uncomfortable at times, with how outgoing they are, though I know they mean no harm. I just have a hard time getting used to (and trusting) people like that. It’s taken me some time to warm up to the idea.

I know it’s just going to get worse too. As the year draws to an end, and the holidays start to pop up, management has been trying more and more to work in group activities into the daily routine. My direct boss is happy to leave me be, so long as I manage to pump out the same amounts of work everyday, but those two co-workers I mentioned think otherwise.

Being an introvert is like having only a half-charged social battery, where every interaction uses up a portion of that energy. By the end of the day, you’re running on fumes, and the only way to recharge is with some alone time doing whatever it is you like to do. Some days it might be Netflix, and some days it might be sitting on a bench staring at the river. Other days it might be a cup of tea and soothing jazz. Whatever it is, it’s usually away from other people, though animals are excluded in this rule.

2015 Photo Journal

Away on the Wind


Yesterday was the autumn equinox. From here on out, the days will get shorter, the wind cooler, and the sweaters heavier. It’s not all bad though. The holidays are coming up, and with how fast the year has been going so far, they’ll be here before you know it.

2015 Photo Journal

Goodbye Nextan & Hello Sammy


Over the weekend, my dear phone “Nextan” gave up the ghost. My Nexus had been showing signs of its age for a while now, but it came to a head Friday night. After many “fevers” (battery overheating issue, common in that particular make) and a few comas (random black screens/shut downs), Nextan was given a quiet ceremony at the T-mobile store.

Nextan met its successor, “Sammy” the Samsung, exchanged a few words (contacts/photos), before being shut down for the long sleep-mode. Upon autopsy, it was found to have heart (battery) failure, and a severe lack of (ie: no) cooling paste. Nextan’s family has decided to donate its parts, where applicable.


Sammy, on the other hand, is doing well in its new home. Sammy has been helping its mistress with her photography, using her amazing eye (camera), and assisting with everyday actions. It looks like Sammy and its mistress will get along well.


Since getting Sammy, I’ve been taking photos of everything. The trees are starting to change, so I made sure to make the most of it. I will probably be flooding your Reader with tree leaves in the near future.


2015 Photo Journal

Like Emeralds


Looks like we’re making up for all the rain we didn’t get this summer.

2015 Photo Journal

Looking Back


How often do we look back at where we’ve come from? More often than we should? Maybe. But how often do we look back on those who helped us get to where we are now? How often do we look back on those who cared for us, without our knowledge, through just being? That last sentence must sound confusing. I mean, the people whom we have very little contact with (if any), without whom we could not exist. Think ancestors, think employees who had come before you, hell think people who invented or created something you use everyday! How often do we think about these people? Probably not as much as we should.

2015 Photo Journal

Little Spots of Color


Mom and I celebrated Labor Day by going out to eat yesterday. We had intended to have some sushi, but our usual spot was closed due to a lack of patrons. Instead we split some wings and salad at the nearby Whole Foods.

On the way back, we came across a lovely flower arrangement on an island between two busy streets. That got us to talking about the weather and the approach of autumn.

Labor day is considered to be “the last day of summer” here in the US. In the past, it indicated what clothes/shoes to wear, heralded the start of school, and was known as the weekend of sales of summer goods/clothing. It also signals the start of fall sports like Football.

For me it just means a day off from work. This is the first year in a long time that I’m not working retail, so it’s a nice change. It’s a little ironic that a day to celebrate laborers is usually spent by many working longer and harder hours.

Regardless, it was fun spending time with mom. I had a good labor day this year and that’s all I care about.


Also, if anyone knows what these little flowers are called, can you let me know?

2015 Photo Journal

Autumn Cometh


I hear it’s going to start getting cool this coming week. It looks like fall is about to arrive. Before we know it, it will be year’s end, and the start of 2016.

2015 Photo Journal

I Forgot How Unfun this Is


So, the schools started up again today. While waiting for the bus, I realized just how damn unfun the morning commute is, when people are actually out and about. I had honestly forgotten.

My students are going to be in for a surprise when they realize that I won’t be coming back this year. I’ve managed to keep things hush hush until now (even after bumping into a few of the kids over break) but they’ll likely realized by the end of today. I’ll miss them but this current job is just too good to go back.

2015 new york Photo Journal

Just Look Up


Brother and I went to the city last night. On our way back to the subway, we saw this beauty. And before you ask, yes, it is the Empire State Building and this shot was taken around W. 36th.