2015 Photo Journal

On the Shore


The new job is going well, though it’s taken some time to get used to. The first few days left me absolutely knackered, hence my lack of updates. My schedule is vastly different from when I worked at the school (I go to bed much earlier now), but it hasn’t been all bad.

The commute to work is long. First I take a bus to the correct train station, which takes about 30 to 40 minutes, depending on traffic.Then I have 10 to 15 minute wait for the next train to my office. The train ride, which is absolutely breathtaking, takes another 20 minutes. Luck for me, my office is right next to the train.

My co-workers all have been very nice and the atmosphere is very relaxed. There’s unlimited coffee/tea and my bosses allow us to eat at our stations, provided it’s not too messy or stinky. We are also allowed to listen to music/audiobooks. It’s awesome!!

I have been able to take some photos during my commute and during lunch. Hopefully I can start adding them here soon.