A Place to Put my Stuff


Brother and I have been talking a lot about moving as of late. He plans to get his own place soon and I’ve had the idea of moving overseas for a long time now. Eventually, we started to debate on which is preferable to live in: a house or an apartment.

I’ve always preferred studio or one room apartments. I’ve never seen the allure of living in anything bigger. Brother prefers life in a house.

To me, a living space is for a few things and a few things only. Any place I live will simply be a place to put my stuff, sleep, shower, and cook something to eat if I can’t find something elsewhere. That’s it.

When I was younger, I was a bit of a hoarder (which is quite a feat considering I was raised in a studio apartment). However, through the years my thoughts have shifted from the ‘stuff I own’ or the ‘stuff that I might want to have/need in the future’ to a desire to experience things. ((The only exception is food: I will horde the ever-loving-hell out of that.))

That isn’t to say that I won’t complain if said living-space is too hot/cold, doesn’t have enough outlets, or enough counter-space. It’s just that I don’t care if it’s tiny.



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