The Wrong Way Home

I took the wrong bus home, recently, and ended up in South Yonkers. The bus dropped me off in Getty Square and I walked down to the waterfront shortly after. I had meant to try out that bus route as an alternative to my current one, which is often late. Instead of taking me in […]


I’ve been seeing a lot of daffodils around lately. It’s been the go-to flower for garderners in Yonkers this year, while the Tulip has become the popular flower of White Plains. As much as I like daffodils, the yellow color makes them a little hard to photograph, since the yellow tends to show up as […]


This current job has been a roller coaster of epic proportions. In the beginning, I had thought I was applying to be a part-time tutor, in hopes of getting some experience in working with children. I was testing the waters to see if I really did want to work with kids for the rest of […]

Cherry Blossoms Bloom

It’s that time of the year again: the annual cherry blossom festival! Unfortunately, I have work later today and won’t be able to go this year. However, I will be able to see some cherry blossoms every time I leave my house, when I teach at the school, and the next time I go up […]