The color purple is often used to symbolize royalty. In this case, it could very well represent the royal robes of faeries native to Yonkers, New York.


“How did you come to that conclusion,” you ask, looking on Yelp for the closest psychiatric hospital in the area. Well, when I showed these pictures to a good friend of mine, she said that the flowers reminded her of a faerie’s dress. Looking closely, I had to agree.


“But there are no such thing as faeries,” you say, shaking your head in disbelieve. Gone off the deep end, she has, you think.

To that I have to reply, “Have you ever seen one?”

You shake your head, no.

“Well, then, how can you say something doesn’t exist, simply because you haven’t seen it? People in India have never seen snow, but we know very well it exists. And how about air? Can’t see that either, but if I cut off your ‘supply’ would you not faint and then die?”

IMG_20150420_133959“But that doesn’t have to do with anything!” you reply, “Those are just flowers, wet purple flowers.”

“Look closer. Just because these may not have faeries in them, it doesn’t mean that they might be hiding in other ones. Next time it rains, or any time in fact, look closer at those flowers to see if you aren’t missing something.”

“Rubbish,” you huff, walking away.

“I see how it is now, you’re just jealous that you can’t fit into one of those dresses.”

2 thoughts on “W3.04

  1. I love the commentary that you have with the lovely pictures. I believe in fairies (x3)!!! (As per Peter Pan.)

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