Throwback Tuesday 007

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It’s hard to believe that Easter is almost here.

Our school lost quite a few of our vacation days this week because of all the snow we had this winter. Due to those snow days, we lost two days this week, as well as the day after Easter. This has caused  a lot of people to change or downright cancel their holiday plans.

Personally, while I am a little disappointed in not having an entire week plus off, I didn’t really have much planned besides maybe taking my road test and visiting the city. I’m not really in contact with the majority of my family anymore, so I have little obligation to ‘celebrate’ anymore. Brother will probably go visiting, but mom and I won’t do much. Also, since I usually work weekends at the shop, I might not have the chance to do anything anyway. The holiday hours won’t be posted until Saturday…

Either way, happy Easter to those of you who do celebrate and a happy Sunday to everyone else.


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