Throwback Tuesday 004


When I was younger, I wanted to move to White Plains. I thought it was the height of sophistication, for some reason. I can admit that it is a beautiful city, especially in the spring and fall, but the allure has diminished somewhat as I’ve gotten older.


To me, White Plains was what New York City is to non-New Yorkers.  It’s the total opposite of my hometown: Yonkers. There are buildings taller than eight stories and a lot of things stay open later than 7pm. There’s a lot of shopping and almost always people on the street. People leave Yonkers to go to work, while people go to White Plains for work.


Also, I’ve always been a sucker for the reflective windows on most office buildings.


Over the years of taking multiple jobs in White Plains, I’ve gotten a little bored with the place. I still enjoy going there from time to time, but my level of obsession (especially that of living there) has died down. Now I see it mostly as a glittering shopping center– there are over 3 major malls within a 2 mile radius– surrounded by private houses and a crap hospital.


Also, the rent is really high…


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