An Open Letter to the Weather


Dear Nature,

I’ve had just about enough of your sh!t. You’ve rained snow down on upon our heads one too many times this winter and I will stand for it no longer!

I’m not exactly sure what I will do in protest just yet, but be certain that I will do #something# and it will be something you won’t like. Just give me time…

However, I am not an unreasonable person. I am willing to make a compromise. My terms are simple: no more snow and no more weather under 25 degrees. That’s it. I understand that it’s still winter, and that some things simply must be, but you have to admit that you have been a tad heavy-handed this time. If you can agree to my terms, I won’t have to resort to anything drastic and we might both walk away mildly happy.

Should you agree to these terms or have anything you wish to express, you know how to contact me. I hope we can work together to both get what we want.






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Photographer, Game Designer

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