The Long Walk Home


It snowed again yesterday. The snow started falling around 1:30 pm, around the time I had to leave for work. It was really light at first– a few flurries in the air– but it soon started coming down hard and fast. A lot of the usual coffee and tea joints that I visit, between the time the train drops me off and when I actually have to start my shift, were filled up. I had tea at a diner in Mount Vernon, and when I got out, about two or three inches were already on the ground.

I got out of work a few minutes after 9 pm, and the roads looked radically different. All night customers were warning me how bad it was out, but it wasn’t until then that I could see for myself.


Walking wasn’t too bad, even wearing sneakers. My beloved boots are in for repairs (I abused them a little too far this time) so I’ve been given one of my mom’s old pairs to kick around in. I was expecting to slide down the hill on my backside, but no such thing happened. It was a little slow going, since my feet kept sinking into the snow, but I caught my train with a few minutes to spare.


Not many people were out and I ended up sharing the station waiting room with a guy intently focused on his phone. I think he might have looked at me for a second, as I was taking pictures, but I had to call him a few times to let him know our train had arrived. With one train per hour, and a chance for the trains to stop running due to the weather, I didn’t want him to miss that one because of something silly like looking at his phone.

My station was actually decent and the walk only took me a few minutes. A lot of buildings’ superintendents were out and working on clearing away the bulk of the snow.


On the way home, all I could think of was having a cup of tea and spending time with my cat. I’m hoping it’s not too bad out on the way to work, even though the schools are operating on a two hour delay. The rain is supposed to wash some of this snow away and this week’s temperatures are forecast to be in the upper thirties and forties. I hope the weatherman’s right.


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