Throwback Tuesday 001


I’ve noticed, looking at the past month or so of posts have been pretty depressing. That said, I thought that I would try and bring some color and life back into this blog by posting some of my older work, some of which predates this blog. Since some of it is quite old, I figured I would post it under the Throwback Tuesday label.


Today’s post is filled with some shots from October 2007.


They were taken with my first (good) digital camera. It was the same model as my brother’s (he bought his first and I got mine when he stopped letting me borrow it) and eventually, once I got a good camera phone, it became my mother’s.


The photographs were taken at my brother’s old house, in his backyard. At the time, I was eager to take pictures of everything and anything. Before getting a digital camera, I used to work with one-time use disposable cameras whenever I had a little extra money (which wasn’t often) or after my mom used them for events or what have you. They took forever to have developed and never came out very good, but I thought they were really fun.



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