I want a Vacation


In about two weeks, the local public schools will be on break for winter recess. As we’ve only used two of our alotted snow days, it looks like we’ll get the whole five days off. As I haven’t had a break like that for a very long time, a large part of myself wants to go somewhere that isn’t here.

The problem is money. If I’m smart, I might be able to make something work, if I use my credit card and scrap together the funds I do have. I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere fancy and would have to be more frugal than usual afterwards, but I might be able to make something work.

And then the guilt sets in.

My mom and I aren’t in the best place (emotionally or financially) so I feel guilty for not using that money to pay off bills or buy groceries or whatever. I know that alone will stop me from going anywhere or doing anything. I know it’s the mature response, but I can’t help but feel like it’s a rotten turn of luck. It’s not fun being an adult. (/first world problems)


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