I’m the Rabbit on the Moon


This evening’s commute took much longer than it should have. What should have taken 20 minutes at most took a little over 2 hours.

I usually take a local bus from a school near my home to the school where I teach. Since yesterday’s snowstorm, the buses have had delays up to 45 minutes. Since there are usually 2 or 3 buses an hour, I headed to work thinking things would be fine, since I could probably catch a bus that was running behind around the same time as I would catch my normal one. That worked for getting to work, but not so much for returning home.

As I was walking to the bus stop I saw my bus (seemingly early) pass me by. Then I saw 2 going the other way. I called my mom to see if she could estimate how long it would take to loop back around to where I was waiting. She did the calculations and we realized that on a good day it would have taken almost an hour. So I decided to walk to another bus stop, which would take me to the shopping center, where I could connect to other buses that could take me home.

I just had to slide down an icy hill on my butt for a bus that wouldn’t wait two seconds. Then I had to wait a half hour for the next bus.


I finally made it to the shopping center, and cut through several stores, to the other bus stops. I just missed the one that bring me closest to home, so I waited with the masses for another bus that didn’t come.

I ended up catching another line to the Bronxville train station, hoping to at least have a warm place to wait. I checked my phone to see when the next local train would come through, to find that the Harlem Line is delayed due to several incidents in the past few hours.

The station was filled with people, but the train was even more packed than the subway during rush hour. A lot of people are keeping their cars at home and taking public transportation due to the snow. I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to get off at my stop.

By the time I got home, my feet were frozen (even wearing 2 thick pairs of socks) and I had an overwhelming hankering for tea.





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