So, Tuesday was supposed to be the end world, when a mega-blizzard was foretold to bury New York under 2-5 feet of snow. Everything was shut down: all public transportation, most businesses, schools, everything imaginable was either closed early or not opened up at all.


The storm started on Monday afternoon, continued through the night, and ended late Tuesday. I spent the time playing video games, checking my phone for alerts, and looking out the window to see if it was snowing. Most of the time, the snow was so fine, and the flakes so small, it didn’t look like it was snowing at all. It was odd.


Yonkers was forecasted to receive about 24 inches, but in the end, only got roughly 8-10 inches. A lot of people are complaining about being forced to close things up and keep off the streets. Personally, I didn’t mind so much.

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