Baby, it’s Cold Outside…


The last few days have been terribly cold, here in New York. The temperature has been in the teens and single digits for days, with wind chills dipping into the negatives in some places. Yesterday, the low was 7 degrees Fahrenheit. It was really unpleasant. Especially at work, where I’m near the door in the evenings.

Today, the high was in the lower 20s, but it felt absolutely blissful. It must be cold where 12 degrees below freezing. I try to keep positive, but some mornings it’s impossible. I can’t wait for spring…


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2 thoughts on “Baby, it’s Cold Outside…”

  1. The New York weather is similar to Wisconsin weather. Although, I must agree with you about wanting it to be Spring already. The downside of that for where I am currently located is that Spring doesn’t come to about April to early May. LOL 🙂

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