So, it’s winter time again…


I’ve always had a bit of trouble getting through the winter months without getting at least a little depressed. It’s so hard to go out and do things with friends (especially if one does not own a car), go for walks, or find a chance to celebrate during January and February.



Once March rolls around, there is setsubun (a soybean throwing holiday that signals the start of spring) you can at least start counting the days until the warm weather arrives. In April, it’s a countdown to May, mother’s day, and end of school year activities (like prom). June is always awesome, if only because of the weather and the end on another school year. July and August are summer vacation, the 4th of July, Obon, and the time for fireworks. September is a new school year and from October on, the countdown towards the holidays begin (at least if you live in the states).


There aren’t very many holidays in January or February, besides Valentine’s Day, which is only special to a particular percentage of the population. Sure, there are mini-holidays like certain Presidents’ birthdays, but there isn’t anything BIG going on. It’s just cold, snowy, and grey.



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