Reflecting on a Resolution


I’ve been thinking about what my 2015 resolution should be. For the past few years, it’s been “to become more adult like,” or “to be less judgmental.” For the latter half of last year, I tried to “complain less” and “be more greatful.”


I think this year, my resolution might be “save money towards living abroad.” I’ve been applying to jobs overseas, but several of the ones I want require me having start up funds. Things have been tight (corset tight) so I haven’t been able to save much. I want to change that this year.


I also want to try and “have a bigger voice,” like was suggested by one of my teachers. People tell me that my voice can be too soft at times because I am really shy. I really need to learn to speak up, up my volume, and make people take notice of me.


If nothing else, 2015 should prove interesting.


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