My Little Man



This is my little man, Charlie. He goes by Kit Kat (short for Kitten-Cat as he has the body of a mountain lion and the mind of a small kitten), Little Man, Bug-a-boo, and Itty Bitty Little Kitty. In a couple of months, he will have been living with us for an entire year.

After Boo passed, we decided that we would not be getting another kitty. First, we didn’t exactly have the funds, since I had quit my job and blew most of my savings on healthcare costs. Second, I was still getting over loosing Boo. We were very close and she had been dear to me for a bit over 10 years. Third, I plan on moving overseas next year and will be unable to take a pet with me, so any pet we got would have to be mama’s.

However, a friend of mine who worked in a Vet Clinic at the time, told us about a litter of kittens who had been left to die and who were slowly recovering. They had been abandoned the previous spring (around the time Boo got sick), but one of them still was unable to find a home. A friend of my friend took two, and the others got adopted out, but Kit was left due to his abnormal size and his strange personality.

Mama wanted him immediately.

So we took him in. It was difficult at first, since he’s afraid of almost everything. During the first few days we couldn’t get him to eat anything and thought he would get sick. He hid in the tub all the time (we kept him in the bathroom, as that’s the only room with a door) but slowly he warmed up to us. I think sitting in the tub with him, watching Sherlock and Doctor Who on my laptop may have helped a lot. ((He still loves the sound of David Tennant’s voice))

I’m really glad we took him, as he’s a complete sweetheart. I’m going to miss him when I leave, but I know he’ll be fine with mom. They get on great and he’s slowly becoming braver by the day.


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