The office got a new plant the other day. I don’t know what kind it is, but I think it’s really pretty. Also, it’s going to be a nice hint of color in the coming months.

Fall has arrived in New York. That usually means red and gold colored trees, pumpkin spice everything, and preparations for the holidays. This time last year I was getting comfortable with being an adult student, and the year before that I was in Japan. This year, I am preparing for graduation (in my last term) and getting things together to send in as the JET Program application.


Looking out the window, I’m noticing that there isn’t a lot of color in the trees this year. This might be due to the weather we’ve been having this year. According to the forecasts, we have a few more days with warm-ish weather, which will be followed by a cool autumn. People are saying that we are going to have another cold winter too.

Fall is my favorite season (even more so than spring) and always have been. There are so many holidays, and delicious foods in season, around this time. I have a love for root vegetables, gourds, and hot teas. Also, this is the yaki-imo (roasted Japanese sweet potato) season. Let me tell you that nothing is as awesome on a chilly day than a hot potato in a paper bag!



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