By my job, the city is doing construction. It started last weekend and is supposed to continue until the beginning of September. That said, the whole area is closed off, for the most part until the project is completed.


The entire street is blocked off with fencing and barricades on both sides. These blockades start at the beginning of the block.



It looks like something out of a zombie movie or post-Apocalyptic video game. It’s pretty creepy, especially at night time.


Not seeing people drive there is so surreal. Most people assume the area is closed completely, but it is in fact open to walkers. It’s a pain to navigate through the numerous detours and fencing, but it is doable. Mostly the commuters using the train station in the middle of this road still go here.


There are detours directing walkers, but they are really confusing and very narrow. I’m glad that I don’t mind small spaces.

IMG_20140724_095058Still, I’ll be glad once construction is done.


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