Monochrome Monday: Epsilon


So it’s the final Monochrome Monday (for a while at least). This week’s subject is tree leaves and we have quite a few shots. These were taken by the Fleetwood train station, which is an elevated platform, made mostly of plexiglass, and surrounded by trees. It has a tree-house feel during the summer.


As you can see, there are quite a few reflections that were caught on the glass, but I think they kind of add to the pieces. That’s the cool thing about black and white photography.


When I showed these to my brother, we complained that some of the brighter shots reminded him too much of snow. Since we had a really harsh winter, he was not pleased.


For some reason, when I look at these, I feel like I’m exploring a hidden jungle through some old 40s black and white movie. It makes me want to explore.


In the above shot, I ninja’d my way in via a reflection of my bag and part of my sweater.


I really love the greys in the above and the high contrast in the below.


And this wraps up June’s Monochrome Monday challenge. I look forward to seeing you all next time!


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