Monochrome Monday: Alpha


The nice thing about black and white photography is the fact that the contrast in tones can make a plain and uninteresting shot into something interesting and memorable.  For the rest of the month, I’ll be posting black and white works every Monday morning. Today we have some shots taken at the Botanical Gardens in the Bronx.


The day these were taken, the weather started out as bright and sunny, before clouds set in and the sky became a bit overcast. At the time, I was a little concerned about how well my shots would turn out (these photos in particular were taken towards the end of my trip). After looking through the files, I realized that the majority of my photographs were pretty decent, but a few were rather out of sorts. It was around that time that I remembered something my mom told me: black and white photography’s much more forgiving when the light’s crap. It’s easy taking photos during a sunny day… not so much when the sky is a solid grey.

IMG_20140527_102242What are your thoughts on the matter? Is black and white more forgiving? Or is it a cheat?


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