Smell the Rainbow


By the train station I use everyday are several small patches of tulips. Almost every color imaginable is represented in these bunches, and I like to appreciate them for a moment or two on my walks from the station and back. There is just something refreshing about looking at nature for me.


I’m just so glad that the nice weather is here. The past winter was just too brutal (even by New York standards) and I was wondering if the warm weather would ever come back. It’s already the 20th of May and things are sharping up nicely. The temperatures have averaged in the 60s (around 17-19 Celsius), which is perfect for me. It’s not too hot or too cold.


It’s been making me think about the summer more: what I want/will be doing. I will be taking classes until mid-August, working weekends, and struggling through a tough series of group projects. It would be nice if I could find time to see the ocean or watch some fireworks, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Unless… I can go to the beach and back during one of my gap periods…? Like I said, unlikely.


Another thing about summer I’ve been looking forward to was grilled foods. Last year I won a panini-maker (grill thing) in a contest which, according to the instructions, can be used to grill fish/chicken/vegetables. Nothing beats grilled corn and asparagus though! Whole foods make them really well, but the prices are outrageous! I’ll have to see if I can try making them at home, without setting off the fire alarm. Maybe if I do it next to the window in the living room, with a fan facing outside, it might work?


Also, in August, a high school friend of mine is getting married. My brother has been asked to be a groomsmen in the ceremony and has been looking forward to going since the wedding has been decided. I’m very happy for my friend and wish the happy couple all the best. Of course, I’m having a little trouble picking out a gift for the soon to be newly weds.


In September, I’ll be starting my final semester of school (which includes my internship), as well as submitting some applications to work abroad. Things are moving too quickly sometimes. Before we know it, it’ll be 2015, and we’ll be wondering where the year went. However, for now it is still May 20th, and the tulips are still here.


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