Yellow 2014A


The water cascaded from above, creating a wall of white and silver. Before it stood a small splash of color. The flowers glowed a radiant sunshine yellow, while the leaves and stems swayed like large chips of emerald. It was peaceful here and she did not want to leave it.

“I think I should like to linger here a while longer,” she said to the man next to her. Her eyes were transfixed on the sight ahead.

“But what of the sacred wall of memories, which we seek?”

“What of it?”

“The longer we stay here, the longer it will take to find… we have not the time to spare, sister. The sun steadily makes its way towards the east and soon enough shall set. What then?” Anxious hands tangled together, locking and unlocking together, as their owner looked towards where they came.

“The wall has been there for ages and will be there still tomorrow. It has waited and will continue to do so. These flowers, however, will not. Time will trample upon them soon enough, so let’s rest for now, and enjoy them when we can.”

With that the maiden lay next to the patch of flowers, watching the water fall from through tangled stems. Soon enough she found herself asleep and in the world of dreams, as her brave brother looked on.


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