Welcome to Glenview


Also known as the John Bond Trevor House, construction began in 1876 and ended in 1877. It was designed by Charles W. Clinton. In 1919, after being vacant for some time, it was made into a museum.  In 1967, the rest of the Hudson River Museum was built around the Glenview and restoration on the building began. The building became a historical treasure in 1972.


Inside the formal sitting room, the lady of the house prepares the afternoon tea for her guests. In this room, the rug extends to the entrance of the room, where viewers can stand to take in the room’s details from behind a gold cord. Brother and I were really hesitant to step on it.


A dining room ready to serve a large group of guests. There is a spot in the floor where the wood caves in a little, as if from years of someone standing there. It is from where I took this photo. Brother and I wondered if that was where the Butler stood.



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